MP3 Schematics & PCB

The schematics (circuit diagrams) for the player are across three sheets. The first contains the power supplies. The second contains the Atmel AVR processor, USB interface, and IDE connectors. The third contains the STA013 codec and some miscellaneous circuits.


If you’re planning on building a player, become familiar with the schematics. They provide you with essential information such as:

  • Component values
  • Power-supply voltages
  • General circuit operation.

You will find this information helpful when powering up your MP3 player for the first time. You will also get much more satisfaction from building the player if you understand, at least approximately, how it works.

There is a minor error on sheet 2. The schematic shows U8 as being a SFH5110-36. It has since been changed to a Vishay TSOP1238. See the Latest News page, 29 August 2004 entry, for details on how to wire up the TSOP1238.

PCB Layout

The MP3 player printed circuit board is double-sided, 4 x 5 inches, oriented to mount on a 3.5″ diskdrive. There are three sheets here for the PCB layout: top copper layout, bottom copper layout, and top silkscreen overlay.


All files are in Adobe PDF format.

The schematic & PCB files are only available in PDF format. Sorry but I cannot make them available in any other format.